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ATCpro QuickStart

ATCpro TCW Reference Manual

ATCpro Voice Command List NEW!!

ATCpro Verbal Command QR Card NEW!!

ATCpro Quick Ref. key commands 

ATCpro Scope Keystrokes Diagram

ATCpro Quick Ref Card ABQ 

ATCpro Quick Ref Card A80

ATCpro Quick Ref Card MIA

ATCpro Quick Ref Map - MIA  

ATCpro Quick Ref Map TYS 

ATCpro Quick Ref Map ABQ

ATCpro Quick Ref Card TYS

ATCpro Quick Ref Card S46

ATCpro Quick Ref Card MCI 

ABQ procedures in use

ATL procedures in use

MIA procedures in use

MCI procedures in use

SEA procedures in use

 TYS procedures in use

Tutorials and Lessons

Lesson 1 - Overview of ATC system v2

Lesson 2a - How to set up your mic and speakers


Lesson 2b - Getting Around the Duty Desk


Lesson 3a - How to use the Terminal Controller Workstation (TCW)


Lesson 3b - The Display Control Bar (DCB)


Lesson 3c - The Comm panel window


Lesson 3d - The Communications History Window


Lesson 3e - The Information Display Window


Lesson 4a - One Departing aircraft under Computer control


Lesson 4b - One Departing aircraft under User control using voice commands


Lesson 4c - One Departing aircraft under User control using keyboard commands


Lesson 5a - One arriving aircraft under User control using voice commands


Lesson 5b - One arriving aircraft under User control using keyboard commands. Download PDF Text version!


Lesson 6 - The ILS and RNAV instrument approaches


Watch Video

Lesson 7 - How to handle two departures at the same time at Miami 

Lesson 8 - How to handle two arrivals at the same time at  Miami 


ATCpro Tutorial Traffic db Recreate the same traffic used in the  tutorials with these custom traffic database files.  NEW!


Instructions for custom traffic zipfile - Readme first before installing files for tutorial traffic (also included in zipfile) NEW!


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